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Anne-Sophie JOURDAIN

Teacher of French


Anne-Sophie is passionate about languages, discovering them is a way of approaching the world in its diversity and plurality, she loves discovering syntactic structures that she would not have imagined and she loves understanding how they work. After studying German and English at school, she begins studying Wolof at the INALCO (Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales) in Paris. After a DEUG and a Licence in Wolof, she does a Maîtrise and a Master in FLE Didactics (in a plurilingual and pluricultural perspective). After that but before starting to teach, she takes, in Paris, an intensive three-week course in French sign language (which she uses to teach in her beginners' courses). She then moves to Dakar to practice and improve her Wolof and to work at the French Institute of Dakar where she is a literacy teacher, a French as a second language teacher and a French as a foreign language teacher. She also teaches Wolof there. She takes part in various French exams: OFII tests, DELF, DALF, TEF, TCF, TCF-Q. With this experience behind her, she leaves Dakar to go to work in Muscat at the Centre Franco-omanais where she starts to take Arabic lessons at the same time as teaching French. Finally, she comes to London where she learns Portuguese at the same time as teaching French. On top of that, she is part of the team that writes the official DELF-DALF subjects at FEI (France Education International). Her dream? To one day learn a language with clicks!