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Anri Sakakibara
Anri Sakakibara.

Anri Sakakibara

  • PhD students

PhD candidate

Research subject areas

  • Economics

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Anri is an applied economist and joined the Department of Political Economy in September 2020. Her research focuses on trade-instigated structural transformation and its effects on gender equality in Vietnam. As part of her PhD, she has seconded at the Innovation Trade Policy Team at the Department for International Trade.

Research interests

  • Inequality
  • Political economy of globalisation
  • International development
  • Emerging economies
  • Quantitative methods

Doctoral research

Anri’s doctoral research concerns the intersection of trade and gender in Vietnam. In particular, Anri looks at changes in how the US-Vietnam Bilateral Trade Agreement closed the spousal wage gap in Vietnam, and its effects on household consumption patterns. Anri also looks at how structural transformation affects gender norms and values in Vietnam. Finally, Anri’s research also leverages the Trump trade war with China as a natural experiment to look at how exogenous trade shocks can result in poverty reduction and upskilling in Vietnam.


  • 4SSPP109
  • 5SSPP232 

Office hours

Anri Sakakibara's Office Hours (

PhD supervisors

Pierre-Louis Vezina (DPE) and Sanchari Roy (DID)