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Antonio Riva

Dr Antonio Riva

Honorary Lecturer

Research interests

  • Immunology


Antonio Riva is Senior Scientist at the Institute of Hepatology (IoH), Foundation for Liver Research, and Honorary Lecturer at King's College London. Antonio obtained a PhD in Immunology and a single-cycle Master's degree in Biomedical Sciences (Medical Biotechnology) from the University of Milan, Italy. During his academic training, Antonio studied the role of dendritic cell alterations in chronic Hepatitis C and combinations of in-silico and in-vitro tools for the identification of immunogenic viral peptides suitable for high-sensitivity detection of cryptic antiviral T-cell responses during Hepatitis C infection.At present, as one of the Senior members of the IoH Liver Immunology group Antonio's main research areas are Immunology and Hepatology with an increasing focus on Transcriptomics and Biostatistics/Bioinformatics. His current studies investigate (i) the immune/inflammatory correlates of liver disease; (ii) the immunopathological mechanisms responsible for increased susceptibility to bacterial/fungal infection in patients with alcoholic liver disease, cirrhosis and end-stage liver disease; (iii) alterations of the gut-liver axis associated with the development and progression of liver disease; and (iv) novel biomarkers of liver disease severity as molecular targets for immunotherapy.