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Arteen  Ahmed

Arteen Ahmed

PhD Student

Contact details


Arteen Ahmed achieved M.B.Ch.B degree from Duhok Medical Faculty- UOD/Iraq in 2012, completed 19 months of residency in Erbil hospitals, afterwards, worked as training psychiatrist for over 4 years at Erbil Psychiatry Hospital and Erbil Adult Reform Centre. Moved to London in 2018, completed MSc in Clinical Neuropsychiatry in 2019. Enrolled for a full-time self-funded PhD in psychological medicine at IoPPN/KCL in 2019. 

Research Interests

I’m helping an ambitious team at KCH/SLaM to set up a multicentre prospective observational study that involves seven DBS clinics across the UK to investigate effects of deep brain stimulation (DBS) on impulsive behaviours (ICBs) in Parkinson’s disease (PD). We are interested to investigate ICBs impact on patients and carers’ quality of life, and also to detect any potential predictors and risk factors for worsening or developing ICBs after DBS in PD. 

Research Groups

Neuropsychiatry Research & Education Group

OBSERVE STUDY group from seven DBS centers accros the UK