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Benjamin Barratt

Dr Benjamin Barratt

Senior Lecturer in Chinese Environment

Research interests

  • Environment
  • International relations
  • Policy
  • Population Health


Dr Ben Barratt is a Visiting Senior Lecturer in Chinese Environment at King’s College London and a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Exposure and Public Health at Imperial College London. Ben joined King’s in 1998.

His early research evaluated impact of policy interventions on London’s air quality, including the London Congestion Charging Scheme and Low Emission Zone. The focus of his current work is to better characterise individual and population-level exposure to environmental stress, how this relates to the health of susceptible population subgroups and methods of public health improvement.


  • Urban development and environmental quality in UK and Chinese cities
  • Evaluation of policy and technology interventions to improve ambient and residential environments
  • Associations between environmental pollutants, population behaviour and public health
  • The use of portable sensor technology in environmental health assessment
  • Public engagement and involvement in environmental research

Much of his research output is in collaboration with international multidisciplinary teams ranging from social science and policy development, through to cohort and population health studies. He recently led a three-year study of vertical air pollution gradients in Hong Kong and is part of a major collaborative atmosphere and health cohort study in urban and peri-urban Beijing.



PhD supervision

Dr Barratt welcomes the opportunity to co-supervise, with academic colleagues at the Lau China Institute, students with a research interest in environmental issues relating to China, including:

  • Evaluation of environmental and energy policy interventions
  • Public policy interaction relating to health and the environment
  • Evaluation of technology applied to environmental remediation, monitoring and sampling
  • Air quality – climate change interaction
  • Urban and rural population exposure to ambient and residential air pollution
  • Translation of western environmental initiatives and policy to eastern governance systems

Further details

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