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Bernard Freeman Headshot

Mr Bernard Freeman

Laboratory Manager


I am the SGDP Centre’s laboratory manager and have been in this role since April 1995. Over this period I have developed a vast and varied expertise and experience of many aspects of laboratory management. 

I currently have overall responsibility for the management, day to day running, and organisation of the Centre’s laboratories. This includes managing funds, staff, health and safety, training, supervision, equipment maintenance, buying of general consumables and large scale equipment, determining future direction and developments for the labs, sustainability, HTA compliance and interacting with the Institute’s various works units and committees., many of which I sit on. 

My particular areas of expertise are in general lab management, sample storage and sample management, health and safety systems of work and in developing systems, particularly software that can help varying aspects of working in and managing a lab.


I am involved with a limited amount of yearly teaching regarding sample storage and management as well as helping out regularly with wet lab training.  

Expertise and Public Engagement:

I have been involved for many years with extensive public engagement/awareness of science events both internally and externally. These have included demonstrations of molecular genetics techniques at a New Scientist Live event (2018) and many demonstrations in schools and charity events. We also on a regular basis run tours of our laboratories during which we show visitors (schools, visiting academics etc) our methods, explain the basics of molecular genetics and demonstrate equipment.