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Brigadier Nigel Hall MA, BA, AKC

Senior Visiting Research Fellow


Nigel commanded 1st Battalion The Duke Of Wellington's Regiment and retired early from the British Army in the rank of brigadier in 2007. He has extensive counter-terrorist, public order, and joint civil-military operational experience. He held demanding UK Ministry of Defence central staff appointments, and has considerable international organisation, major cross-government mission, and national negotiator and representative experience, particularly at United Nations headquarters in New York and NATO headquarters in Brussels.

He has been an effective driver of organisational change for over 30 years. Since 2007 Nigel has provided strategic advice to international organisations, UK government departments, corporations, think tanks and academia, and non-government organisations. He was associate senior fellow at the UK Defence Academy, senior adviser to the Humanitarian Futures Programme, King's College London, and military consultant to Transparency International (UK).

Nigel has spoken in Washington and Europe on various aspects of 21st century security, risk, and strategy. His publications include an op-ed on global security in the Financial Times, other major newspaper and news media website publications, and Chatham House and RUSI articles, as well as submissions to UK parliamentary committee enquiries.

He is a member of the Royal College of Defence Studies.

Nigel designed and developed the Churchill 2015 21st Century Statesmanship Global Leaders Programme. He is the founder and director of the New Bletchley Network which since 2018 has produced a variety of high profile and impactful reports. Nigel is the founder and managing director of NHJ Strategic Consulting

Research Interests

  • International and national security and strategic affairs.
  • Major domestic political issues.


Recent New Bletchley policy papers read and noted in 10 Downing Street and key Whitehall departments:

  • Home Office Priorities.
  • Knife Crime: effective strategies and coordination.
  • UK Foreign, Defence, and Aid Policies in the age of Putin, Xi, and Trump.
  • UK Defence Priorities. 

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