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Carlo Alberto Seneci

Dr Carlo Alberto Seneci

Technical Operations Manager

Research interests

  • Biomedical and life sciences

Contact details


Dr Carlo Alberto Seneci is Technical Operations Manager in the School of Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences. He is a robotic engineer with a long-standing passion for the design, manufacturing and automation of machines and robots. His aim is to improve the way robotics integrates with our lives - from designing the next generation of widely adopted surgical robots and devices, to improving manufacturing processes, such as forging, making them more efficient and greener.

He has developed his skills in a broad range of topics that gravitate around product design, from objects to robots, manufacturing processes, and research in medical engineering, including surgical robots and force sensing. This has allowed Carlo to contribute to many innovative projects, leading to over 30 publications since 2012.

Carlo graduated from the University of Brescia (Italy) in 2011. He then worked in industry and obtained a PhD in Robotic Surgery from Imperial College London in 2017. Following the completion of his PhD, Carlo has been working in the research field of robotic ophthalmic surgery and since 2019, has managed and supported several workshop and laboratory facilities at King's.

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