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Caroline Tissot

Caroline Tissot

PhD student


Growing up in South Brazil and being part of a family of immigrants, Carol always knew the world was her place to be. This led her to pursue an International Relations degree at ESPM, Brazil. After graduating, Carol spent a few years working for international organizations and multinationals in different countries, to then take her Master's degree at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway, specializing in Migration, Citizenship, and Emotions. Carol's research interests are related to transnational migration, emotions, gender and feminist studies, reproductive and birth geographies.


Thesis title: Childbirth experiences amongst migrants: Brazilian women in the UK

This research looks at the experiences of childbirth amongst Brazilian women in the UK. It aims to provide in-depth insights into the ways in which migration (and being a woman migrant) shape and influence childbirth and puerperium experiences. For most women, giving birth and becoming a mother is a life-changing event that can alter their perceptions of themselves and their relationships with others and society for the rest of their lives. The need to have some sort of control and agency over the birth experience, including being knowledgeable and able to access their rights (reproductive, obstetric, body) is emphasized in the existent literature, as well as the importance of acknowledging women’s power to decide how to bring their child into the world and to tell their own stories. Therefore, this study will also look at how birth experiences of migrant women – and their narratives - influence their perceptions of belonging and integration with the wider hosting society.

PhD supervision

Principal supervisor: Professor Cathy McIlwaine

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