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Chloe Helsey

Chloe Helsey

Faculty Business Manager

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Chloe joined KCL in 2017 in the Department of Twin Research before moving to the School of Global Affairs in SSPP. Chloe took the role of School Business Manager in the School of Global Affairs before joining the Dickson Poon School of Law in 2021 as a Business Operations Manager. Chloe has moved back to SSPP as the Faculty Business Manager in Summer 2022.


  • Contributing to, and providing support for, Faculty strategic planning and policy
  • Faculty financial planning, resource allocation and monitoring
  • Management of the Faculty non-pay budget and overview of the various school non-pay spending
  • Responsibility for Health & Safety, General Data Protection Regulations and business continuity planning
  • Chairing the Business Support Network
  • Working closely with all members of the Faculty Executive