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Clayton  Littlejohn

Professor Clayton Littlejohn

Professor of Philosophy

Research interests

  • Philosophy


Dr Clayton Littlejohn studied philosophy at Rhodes College and the University of Nebraska. Before joining King’s in 2011, he taught at Southern Methodist University and the University of Texas at San Antonio. 

Research interests and PhD supervision

  • Epistemology, especially epistemic justification, epistemic norms, perception, relations between theoretical and practical reason, and scepticism.
  • Ethical theory, especially the moral significance of intention, the distinction between justification and excuse.
  • Reasons for action.

Dr. Littlejohn’s research interests are primarily in epistemology, specifically on debates about justification and epistemic normativity. He also has interests in action theory and ethical theory, especially debates about the nature of reasons for action and the moral significance of intention.

Dr. Littlejohn welcomes enquiries from students seeking supervision on topics in his areas of research interest.

For more details, please see his full research profile.


  • Epistemology
  • Ethics

Expertise and public engagement

Selected publications

  • Stop Making Sense? On a Puzzle about Rationality. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.
  • Truth,Knowledge, and the Standard of Proof in Criminal Law. Synthese.
  • Being More Realistic About Reasons: On Rationality and Reasons Perspectivism. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.
  • (w/Maria Alvarez) When Ignorance is No Excuse. In P. Robichaud and J. Wieland (ed.), Responsibility: The Epistemic Condition. Oxford University Press.
  • Justification and the Truth-Connection. Cambridge University Press.