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Colin Powers

Colin Powers

PhD Candidate

Research interests

  • Conflict
  • Security
  • Communication

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Colin Powers is a PhD candidate in the Department of War Studies. His research interests include governmentality within digital communities, mis/disinformation online, and far-right digital community dynamics. He holds an MA in International Relations and Security Studies from King's College London and a BSEcon in Security Studies from Aberystwyth University.

Colin comes to the War Studies department from a private intelligence background. He has ten years of experience in private risk intelligence, providing global-level threat and risk intelligence on emerging events through open-source intelligence (OSINT) analysis.

Research Interests

  • Governmentality in Digital Environments
  • Extremist Social Media Groups
  • Digital Communication
  • Mis/Disinformation
  • Governance
  • Far-Right Ideology


In far-right digital communities, how is knowledge governed?


  • Dr Pablo De Orellana
  • Dr Nicholas Michelsen