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Mr Cong Zhao

Mr Cong Zhao

  • PhD students

PhD Student

Research subject areas

  • Physics

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Cong completed his master's degree at the Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Science (IMP, CAS). He is currently a PhD student at King’s Department of Physics, in the Attosecond research team (part of the Photonics & Nanotechnology research group).

Thesis title

  1. Investigation of nonliner optical properties (high-order harmonic generation) in solids and metamaterials
  2. Investigation of hot carriers' movement (created by surface plasmon resornance) in aluminum nanorod

Research interests

  • High Harmonic Generation from solid material (ZnO, Diamond) and metamaterial (metallic nanorod arrays) to produce attosecond laser pulses
  • Using Pump-probe technique(transient absorption measurement) to characterise the electron movement dynamics in solid material
  • Attosecond laser pulse measurement and analysis

PhD supervision

Supervisors: Dr Amelle Zair and Dr Wayne Dickson