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Dr Constance Beaufils

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Constance is a postdoctoral researcher based in the ESRC Centre for Society and Mental Health  at King's College London. 

Constance's work is embedded in the Centre's 'Work, Welfare Reform and Mental Health' programme and focuses on changing working conditions and their impact on mental health. Currently, she studies how working conditions moderate the impact of caregiving on labour market transitions, with a particular focus on gender differences. Her work also involves exploring unpaid care work-related risks in relations to paid work history and gendered health inequalities. 

Prior to joining King's, Constance conducted her doctoral research at the National Institute for Demographic Studies (Ined) in Paris, focusing on women's employment interruptions as a social determinant of health inequalities in later life. After completing her PhD, Contance embarked on a postdoctoral research project examining work-family and social mobility trajectories, in relation to gendered health disparities in older ages.

Constance has a particular interest in mental health disparities related to gendered work and family roles history. She utilizes advanced statistical methods and large-scale surveys from the UK and France to disentangle the complex intersection of employment transitions, working conditions, caregiving roles, and health. Additionally, she uses mixed methods approaches, including life history interviews, to complement her statistical research and gain a more comprehensive understanding of her subjects.

Research Interests: 

  • Mental health 
  • Work and employment
  • Gender health inequalities 
  • Caregiving 
  • Longitudinal statistical analysis 
  • Life course research
  • Mixed methods 


  • 2022 Best PhD thesis award, Graduate School in Sociology and Political Science, Paris-Saclay University


Beaufils C., Barbuscia A., and Cambois E. (2023). Women’s Employment–Family Trajectories and Well-Being in Later Life: Evidence From France. Journal of Aging and Health, 35(7–8), 577–592.

Beaufils C. (2023). Women’s withdrawal from the labour market: a fact made invisible by the statistical category of professional inactivity in France. Quetelet Journal 10 (1): 1-25.