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Daniele Patiti

Mr Daniele Patiti

PhD Student in Economics

Research interests

  • Economics


Research project title: The interconnection of health and education in relation to regional economic growth in aging countries: a case study of the UK, China, and Italy

Year of entry: 2023, Full-Time

Supervisors: Professor Mary O'Mahony, Dr Augustin De Coloun

Daniele Patiti is a PhD student in Economics at King's Business School.

His current research focuses on the role of aging populations, health, and education in relation to regional economic growth.

In December 2021, he graduated from the University of Essex, where he pursued a Master's Degree in Economics. Prior to that, he obtained a Master's degree in Health Economics from the University of Bologna and a Bachelor's Degree in political economy from the University of Perugia.

Before joining King's Business School, Daniele worked for two years at a healthcare consultancy.