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David Messenger

Dr David Messenger

Senior R&D Manager


I have a broad range of scientific skills acquired through working in multi-disciplinary areas of research and time spent in academia and industry. I have extensive project leadership experience and team management skills, developed through national and international collaborations. My main scientific interests are the study of biochemistry and human biology to gain insights into how this may be influenced by our environment, diet, use of consumer products or general daily habits. This builds on my expertise in analytical chemistry (GC and LC-MS/MS) to support metabolomic and proteomic investigations into human metabolism, as well as the novel use of cell culture and a range of biological techniques to carry out exploratory research and support the development of the next generation of products. I lead multiple research and clinical projects, investigating the effects of new FMCG products on human biology while gaining an understanding of the fundamental science involved in a range of consumer-relevant conditions.