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I joined King’s in 2017, after completing my Leverhulme-funded PhD at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. I earned my BA at the University of East Anglia, my MA at University College London, and worked in London for several years before moving to Canada.

Research Interests and PhD Supervision

My research focuses on literature and culture’s capacity to render legible the abstractions of identity categories, and on how literary texts—especially poetry—provide another mode of theoretical inquiry: one in which formal strategies and stylistic techniques engender aesthetic experiences that can deepen our understandings of theoretical arguments and historical events. I see this as a crucial tool for feminist scholarship, and I am particularly interested in developing new feminist reading methods based on the critique of value and theories of abstraction.

My book manuscript, Unsociable Poetry: Antagonism and Abstraction in Contemporary Feminized Poetics, argues that twenty-first century North American poetry mobilizes two key dynamics—abstraction and antagonism—to illuminate the hidden recesses of feminized and racialized experience, showing how such experience is ‘form-determined’ by capitalist modes of value-production. A second project-in-progress, ‘Aesthetics of Abolition Since 1973’, asks how poetry in an era of economic downturn articulates an otherwise ambiguous desire for the abolition of abstract categories such as gender, race, class, labour, or capital – the fundamental grounds on which our social worlds are built.

I welcome PhD proposals aligned in any way with my research and/or the following areas:

  • Late twentieth and early twenty-first century poetry and poetics, especially at the intersections of feminist, black and indigenous studies
  • Theories of social reproduction, gender and racialization
  • Marxian theories of value, abstraction, and form-determination, particularly as dialectical methodologies for reading literary texts
  • Indigenous and First Nations literatures and the politics of recognition

For more details, please see my full research profile.


I teach contemporary literature, culture and theory at postgraduate and undergraduate level.

Expertise and Public Engagement

I am also a published poet and frequently give readings in the UK, US, and Canada. My most recent publication is ON MY LOVE FOR gender abolition (New York: Capricious, 2016). My poetry has been widely anthologized, and translated into Spanish and Catalan. In addition, I have given public talks at various institutions in the UK, US and Canada, on topics ranging from gendered violence in poetry communities to literary video archives.