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Eileen Daly

Dr Eileen Daly

Senior Lecturer

Research interests

  • Neuroscience


I completed my Bachelor degree in Chemistry at Northern Kentucky University and then work at the Laboratory of Neuroscience at the US National Institutes of Health.  I started working at the Institute of Psychiatry in 1997 and was awarded a PhD in 2014. 

My main research interests are in the field of neurodevelopmental disorders.  Currently, I am leading a pharmaco-challenge of the serotonin system in Autism Spectrum Disorder. This involve neuroimaging using functional MRI. 

I am the programme lead on the MSc in Clinical Neurodevelopmental Science. 

I recently co-edit the Serotonin System: History, Neuropharmacology and Pathology with Dr Mark Tricklebank 

Research Interests

  • Developmental Neuroscience 
  •  Autism 
  • Serotonin  
  • Pharmaco-challenge studies using brain imaging  

Research Groups


    Clinical Neurodevelopmental Sciences 

      Clinical Neurodevelopmental Sciences