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Fernando Gil González

Dr Fernando Gil González

Visiting Research Associate

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Fernando Gil-González holds a Bachelor's Degree in History, a Master's Degree in History, Degree Studies in Law (Complutense University of Madrid) and a PhD in History of Law at The National Distance Education University with cum laude and Extraordinary Prize. In addition, he is Senior Researcher at different Researcher Groups in Argentina, France, Italy, United Kingdom and Spain. He has also been an Assistant Professor at Complutense University of Madrid and National Distance Education University, Visiting Professor at Florida International University, Columbia University, Santa Barbara University, Pompeu Fabra and nowadays is a Fellow at King's College of London, where has published several articles, book chapters, book reviews and has given fifty lectures in different countries: Spain, France, United Kingdom, United States of America, Portugal, Argentina and Hungary. Finally, has been selected as Member Academic at Royal Historical Society (London, UK) and Member at Spanish Society of Eighteenth Century.

Research interests

  • The Repression of New Forms of Sociability in Europe between Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries 
  • History of Administration and Institutions from the Old Regime 
  • History of Freemasonry from the 18th to the 21st century
  • Inquisitorial Censorship between the 18th and 19th centuries 
  • Teaching New Technologies in History and Legal Literature

Selected Publications 

  • “The Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation and the forms of corporate sociability in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries", RDUNED, nº 13, 2013, pp. 469-487 (Paper).
  • "Inquisitorial and procedural documents against the first freemasons in Madrid during the first half of the eighteenth century", in Salamanca López, M. (Coord.), Communication practices: The need to write in Madrid of the Old Regime, C.S.I.C. Creative Europe, Madrid, 2015, pp. 299-328 (Book chapter).
  • "The repression of forms of sociability in the eighteenth century: Processes followed by the Court of the Inquisition to Freemasons", RDUNED, nº 20, 2017, pp. 319-332 (Paper).
  • “The participation of Spanish masonic lodges in nineteenth-century politics", Tirant Lo Blanch, Madrid, 2018, pp. 299-315” (Book chapter).
  • “Masonic rites in the Enlightenment: Inquisition and new forms of sociability in the Eighteenth Century", Masonic Editorial. Collection of Historians of Masonry, Gijón, 2019, pp. 160. ISBN: 978-84-17732-20-2 (Book).

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