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Jennifer  Summers

Dr Jennifer Summers

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Medical Statistics


Jennifer joined what was the Division of Health and Social Care Research in May 2013 after being awarded a PhD in Public Health & Epidemiology in 2013 from the University of Otago, Wellington School of Medicine, New Zealand. Jennifer is also part-time seconded at King’s Imaging Technology Evaluation Centre (KITEC) as a Medical Statistician. 

Jennifer was awarded her PhD in 2013 in Public Health & Epidemiology, titled “The Burden and Risk Factors for Death from the 1918-19 Influenza Pandemic amongst the New Zealand Military Forces of World War One”. Jennifer’s research interests include investigating aspects of life-course, historical and infectious disease epidemiology; specifically transmission and containment of influenza, both pandemic and seasonal strains. Jennifer also has research interests in historical epidemiology, military history, pandemic preparedness, disease modelling (including transmission dynamics), health workforces and policy, and statistical methodologies.

BSc (Psychology and Applied Statistics), Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

PGDip (Public Health with Credit), Otago University, New Zealand

PhD, Otago University, New Zealand

AKC (Associate of King's College London), United Kingdom

PGCAP (Higher Education), King's College London, United Kingdom

FHEA, United Kingdom.