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Vincenzo  Pirruccio

Dr Vincenzo Pirruccio

Teaching Fellow in Organisational Psychiatry & Psychology


I am Dr. Vincenzo Pirruccio, a passionate scholar with a deep-rooted commitment to the pursuit of knowledge. My academic journey commenced with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from "Sapienza" University of Rome. Building on this foundation, I furthered my education by earning a Master's degree in Cognitive Psychology from the same institute. Fueled by an unquenchable thirst for understanding, I embarked on a PhD journey in Psychology and Cognitive Science at "Sapienza" University of Rome in collaboration with the Research Center for Mind, Brain and Behavior in Granada, Spain. Beyond research, I find immense fulfillment in the role of an educator, teaching a diverse range of courses in the MSc Organisational Psychiatry and Psychology (OPP) and fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills in my students.

Research Interests

Cognitive mechanisms underlying attention in different domains Attention in the context of cognitive psychology and neuroscience Mental health awareness and education in the workplace Work-related factors affecting mental health


Mental Health in the Workplace (7PCSMMHW) Strategic Interventions for Psychological Wellbeing in Organisations (7PCSMOPP)