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Dr Radhwan Alnaimi is a lecturer in Physics Education in the Department of Physics, King’s College London.

Radhwan obtained his Bachelor (BSc) degree in Physics and Master of Science MSc from The University of Salford, UK, in 1988 and his PhD from Imperial College London in 2016.

From Sep. 2016-Aug. 2020, he worked as courses coordinator & Physics Lecturer, Fatima College of Health Sciences, UAE. From Oct. 2020 – Jan. 2021, he worked as an Academic Consultant, REED Education, UK. In Jan. 2021 until Sep. 2022, he was a Modules Leader for Physical Sciences & Engineering modules, University of East London, UK. Then joined Arcadia University, London, UK as Physical Sciences Lecturer and Module Leader during the academic year 2022-2023. Also, worked as adjunct faculty (Physical Sciences, Mechanical Stress and Dynamics Engineering & Intermediate and Advanced Math) at Kaplan International College London, and as Physics and Engineering Modules Leader at City University London.

 Research interests

  • Laser Plasma x-ray sources and utilising these types of sources in different applications in particular, lithography in the High-Volume Manufacturing (HVM) of the microchip industry.
  • Protons acceleration Hadron Therapy.
  • X-ray sources characterisation (Yield, source size measurement, and energy)
  • Electrostatic Analyser ions' resolving.
  • Magnetron nm Sputtering Technique.
  • nm Multi Layers Mirrors (MLMs) design & fabrication.
  • Atomic Force microscopy.
  • X-ray diffraction & x-ray line emissions Spectroscopy.
  • Hall effect & AC susceptibility.
  • Physics Education Research (PER) group at King's College London.


  • 0CCY1016 Mathematics for Natural Sciences.
  • 0CCY1015 Physics Foundation.
  • Teacher of the year for academic year 2023-2024.

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