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Eduardo de SP

Eduardo de Souza Pereira

Visiting Research Assistant

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Eduardo Pereira is a PhD Candidate in Strategic and International Studies (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul) with his main research focus on Conventional Deterrence.

He holds an MSc in Strategic Defence and Security Studies (Fluminense Federal University), a PGDip in International Relations (University of Brasilia) and another in Military History (University of Southern Santa Catarina). He is an active participant in seminars and conferences on Defence matters, and was the Executive Editor of the Meira Mattos Collection (Journal of the Brazilian Army Command and Staff College).

Eduardo is a retired Colonel from the Brazilian Army with experience in the operational and international fields. He was the Commanding Officer of an Infantry Battalion and staff officer in mechanized, airborne and jungle units. Former Brazilian Defence Attaché in Nigeria, he was the Deputy Chief Operations Officer of the UNAVEM III (Angola), and head of division in the departments of International Affairs of the Brazilian MoD and of the Army General Staff. One of his most challenging tasks was planning the reform of the Guinea-Bissau’s security sector. Eduardo was an honours student in the Military Academy (Top 5%) and in the Command and Staff College (Top 10%).

Subject areas

  • Deterrence (with emphasis in Conventional Deterrence) International Defence
  • Engagement
  • Defence Diplomacy
  • Strategic Culture
  • Peacekeeping Operations

Eduardo's research focuses on the use of Military Power in International Relations within its non-war scope – to prevent conflicts, built stability, and gain influence. To carry out his research, he also studies National Defence Policy, Military Strategies and Doctrines, and Limited War alongside the topics above mentioned.
Eduardo seeks to combine his academic research with professional experiences in order to achieve more meaningful results. In the same way, he uses a multidisciplinary approach to expand the understanding of his research subject.



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