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Eliel Cohen

Research Associate

Research interests

  • Education
  • Policy


Eliel is a sociologist of higher education. His longest running interest is in how higher education policy and practice can make universities more accessible and inclusive. His postdoctoral role at Imperial College London, Centre for Higher Education Research and Scholarship, explored these issues in a STEMM-specific context through the lenses of students’ sense of belonging and widening participation.

His other main interest has been around the Impact Agenda for academic research. In this area, Eliel’s work has focused on UK STEMM departments that have achieved national recognition for their non-academic impact. His recent book, The University and its Boundaries: Thriving or Surviving in the 21st Century, draws from this research to explore some of the challenges and opportunities for universities and policymakers who aim to make the most of what is distinctive, and distinctively valuable, about universities.

At The Policy Institute, Eliel works on the Impact of impact project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).