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Elizabeth Fry

Ms Elizabeth Fry

PhD Student


Elizabeth Fry is a part-time PhD Candidate in the Department of War Studies, focusing on Strategic Communications. She holds a PGDip in Strategic Communications from King’s College London (2020), an MA in International Studies and Diplomacy with Arabic from SOAS (2008) and a BA in French, German and Spanish from the University of Durham (2007).

Elizabeth works full-time for NATO, where she is currently the Head of Communications Analysis at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE). Since beginning her NATO career in 2009, Elizabeth has worked at both NATO’s political and strategic military headquarters, and has won several awards for her work on military communications assessment and evaluation.

Elizabeth has a background in non-profit organisations, having worked in the communications teams of some of the world’s leading human rights organizations including Human Rights Watch, the Committee to Protect Journalists and Open Society Foundations.

She lives full-time in Belgium with her husband and four young children.


Research Interests

  • Conflict and international security
  • Strategic communications
  • Military operations assessment



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