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Ella Ballinger

Ella Ballinger

EAP Tutor


Ella has a Bachelor in English literature from Deakin University, Australia, a CELTA Certificate from Cambridge and a DIPTESOL Diploma from Trinity.

Ella has been teaching the English language for 13 years (Australia, Italy, Japan, Kenya & the U.K.). Most recently she taught Academic English (EAP tutor) at Monash University, Australia; Kaplan International in London; University of Queensland, Australia and the Pre-sessional program at King’s College, London. Additionally, in 2020, Ella designed a beginner’s program for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon, and taught the IB English as a foreign language, and English literature curriculum at Marymount International School.

Ella is interested in researching how psychology and linguistic development are connected – psycholinguistics. She is passionate about wildlife conservation and has volunteered in Kenya, Zimbabwe and Namibia. Ella also enjoys snowboarding, going to see comedy & theatre, and painting.