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Dr Ellan Lincoln-Hyde

Lecturer in Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinarity

  • Liberal Arts Admissions Tutor




Ellan A. Lincoln-Hyde is an Australian academic and multidisciplinary performer. Prior to their appointment at King’s College London, a Bloomsbury College doctoral studentship holder, a 2017–2019 Yenching Academy Scholar, and awardee of the Royal Anthropological Institute’s Emslie Horniman Grant. Their doctoral studies examined the dissemination of Western Classical Music in China in the Early Twentieth Century. 

Research interests and PhD supervision

  • Music
  • Nationalism
  • Indo-Pacific
  • Digital Cultures
  • Gender, feminist, disability and queer studies


Ellan has extensive experience teaching academic and practical subjects from primary to tertiary levels. Their practice is chiefly informed through praxis and interdisciplinarity.

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Expertise and public engagement

Ellan is currently Senior Blog Editor of the SOAS History Blog. They have also held positions as both producer and stage manager for various opera, musical theatre, concert, festival, academic symposium and international leadership events, including from 2017–2018 as Co-Director of Programming for Asia’s largest all-paid conference, the Yenching Global Symposium. From 2012–2016 they ran the ‘From the Con to Kabul’ charity concert series which raised funds for the Afghan Youth Orchestra. Ellan has also held positions with the Australian Federal Attorney-General’s Office, the Australian Federal Ministry for the Arts, Opera Australia, The Australian Ballet, and The University of Melbourne Library Services.

Selected publications

Lincoln-Hyde, Ellan A.. 2024. ‘Complicating the Analysis of Chinese Christian Hymns: White Racial Frameworks in the Works of Emily Kathleen Hooper (胡秉道 Hu Bingdao, 1878–1974)’. In Hymns and Race edited by Philip Burnett and Erin Johnson-Williams. London: Routledge.

Lincoln-Hyde, Ellan A.. 2024. ‘Lucia di Lammermoor (拉美莫爾的露琪亞) and The White-Haired Girl (白毛女): Opera in China and the Perpetuation of Negative Narratives of Mentally Disabled Women’. Journal of Asian Musicology.

Lincoln-Hyde, Ellan A.. 2023. ‘FCRJ Podcast Ep.3: Dr amina wadud – QIST (justice), Intersectionality, and Feminism in Islam, Academic Centres and Beyond’. Feminist Centre for Racial Justice Podcast,

Lincoln-Hyde, Ellan A. and Jenny Guilford. 2023. ‘The Blue Plaques Project: Falling Down the Spiral of Historical, Digital, Diverse, and Community Curating’. Glissando Music Magazine.

Lincoln-Hyde, Ellan A.. 2022: ‘Thinking through Australian Coloniality: An Autoethnographic Reflection on Ancestry, Epistemology and Academia’. SOAS History Blog,