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Emine Akar

PhD Student


Emine Akar is a dedicated legal scholar with a focus on the intersection of law and technology. She started her academic journey with an LLM in General Public Law at Gazi University, Ankara, where her thesis on the legal status of child soldiers was later published as a book. Subsequently, Emine earned an LLM in Public Law with distinction from University College London, with her thesis on recognizing Artificial Intelligence as legal persons receiving an Outstanding Distinction. Emine had the privilege of serving as a Visiting Researcher at the Digital Governance Centre, Erasmus School of Law, where she engaged in valuable research under the guidance of Prof. Dr Klaus Heine.

PhD Thesis

The future impact of 'Emotional Artificial Intelligence' on right to privacy


Dr Jonathan Gingerich

Mr Perry Keller

Research Interests

  • AI
  • Ethics
  • Privacy
  • Data Protection


Public Law