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Erick Kabendera

Erick Kabendera

PhD Student


Erick is currently a PhD candidate at King’s College London, focusing on Leadership with an emphasis on Security and Development. He has a Master of Arts in International Peace and Security from King’s War Studies Department, a Graduate Diploma in International Relations from the University of London, and an Advanced Diploma in Journalism from the University of Dar Es Salaam.

Erick has made significant contributions to investigative journalism and political and regional security advisory consultancy. His journalistic endeavors, primarily centered on East and Central Africa, have covered conflicts and politics for The East African—one of the continent's leading newspapers. Additionally, he has contributed to The Economist Intelligence Unit, The Guardian UK, and The Times of London. His investigative work has largely focused on illicit cross-border trade and terrorism. Erick's expertise extends to political risk advisory roles for the World Bank and as a Political Economy Analyst for the Department for International Development (DFID). His research efforts include studies on cross-border counterterrorism for the International Crisis Group.

In conjunction with his doctoral research, Erick serves as a senior researcher and advisor for an international donor-funded cross-border counterterrorism project in Africa.


Thesis title: The Impact of Fatou Bensouda’s Tenure as the First African Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court on Its Relationship with African Leaders

Erick's research delves into the tensions between the International Criminal Court (ICC)—established to combat impunity—and African leaders, which have brought the Court's legitimacy into question. A focal point of the study is the influence of prosecutor Fatou Bensouda in fostering a more amicable relationship between the ICC and the African continent.

PhD supervision