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Erik de Lange

Dr Erik de Lange

Postdoctoral Researcher in International History


I am affiliated to KCL's History and War Studies Departments as a Dutch Research Council (NWO) Rubicon Postdoctoral Fellow, and work as an Assistant Professor of International History at Utrecht University. After studying History (BA and ReMA) at the University of Amsterdam and University of Zagreb, I completed a PhD at Utrecht University within the ERC-funded research project 'Securing Europe, Fighting its Enemies: The Making of a Security Culture in Europe and Beyond, 1815-1914'. My dissertation, entitled 'Menacing Tides: Security, Piracy and Empire in the Nineteenth-Century Mediterranean', looked into the cooperative aspects and imperial agendas behind the repression of maritime raiding in the Mediterranean Sea. I am currently finalising a monograph based on this research that is under contract with Cambridge University Press.

At King's, I will be undertaking a new research project on the diplomatic activities of the Royal Navy's Mediterranean Fleet, focusing on the importance of negotiations and partnerships to the pursuit of naval supremacy and imperial policy.

Research interests and PhD supervision

  • Maritime history 
  • Imperial history
  • International relations and diplomacy
  • Mediterranean Sea

Selected publications

  • Erik de Lange, 'Navigating the Greek Revolution before Navarino. Imperial Interventions in Aegean Waters, 1821-1827', in : Idem and B. de Graaf (eds.), 'Special Issue: Under the Flag of Insurgency. The Greek Revolution in International and Imperial History', Journal of Modern European History 21:2 (May 2023).
  • -Erik de Lange, ‘The Congress System and the French invasion of Algiers, 1827-1830’, The Historical Journal 64:4 (2021), 940-962.
  • Erik de Lange, 'The Plague at Sea. Science, Sanitation and Corsair Captains in 1817’ in: Peter Burschel and Sünne Jüterczenka (eds.), Frühneuzeit-Impulse, vol. 4, Das Meer. Maritime Lebenswelten in der Frühen Neuzeit (Cologne 2020).
  • Erik de Lange, 'From Augarten to Algiers. Security and “Piracy” around the Congress of Vienna’, in: B. de Graaf, I. de Haan and B. Vick (eds.), Securing Europe after Napoleon. 1815 and the New European Security Culture (Cambridge 2019), 231-248.
  • Erik de Lange, 'Algiers Burning. The United Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Post-Napoleonic European Order of Peace and Security’, in: R. van Dijk, S. Kruizinga, V. Kuitenbrouwer and R. van der Maar (eds.), Shaping the International Relations of the Netherlands, 1815-2000. A Small Country on the Global Scene (London and New York 2018), 32-55.