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Eugenii Rabiner

Dr Eugenii Rabiner MBBCh

Reader in Molecular Neuroimaging

Research interests

  • Imaging sciences


I use molecular and functional imaging to investigate human neurochemistry, in particular the application of PET and MRI to optimise early phase drug development. My current research projects include the development of imaging techniques to quantify neuroinflammation and to extend the detection of endogenous neurotransmitter release beyond that of dopamine. I am also the Executive Vice President, Head of Translational Applications at Invicro.

Please see my Research Staff Profile for more detail

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Key collaborators:

  • Professor Roger Gunn, Invicro
  • Professor Gitte Moos-Knudsen, University of Copenhagen
  • Professor Richard Carson, Yale University
  • Professor Mark Slifstein, SUNY Stonybrook