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Dr Evangelos Vassos PhD
Dr Evangelos Vassos

Dr Evangelos Vassos PhD

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Senior Clinical Research Fellow

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  • Psychiatry

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Dr Evangelos Vassos is a Consultant Psychiatrist and a Senior Clinical Research Fellow. He holds a Medical Degree and a Doctorate Degree from the Medical School of the University of Athens, Greece and he trained in psychiatry in Oxford UK.

Dr Vassos is investigating genetic and environmental underpinnings of psychosis and mood disorders. His current work is focusing on the development and validation of risk estimation models for psychosis based on genetic and environmental risk factors. He has experience in genome-wide association studies, polygenic score analysis, genetic epidemiology studies and the development of novel meta-analysis methods.

Latest publications:


Examining the association between genetic liability for schizophrenia and psychotic symptoms in Alzheimer's disease. Creese B, Vassos E, Bergh S, Athanasiu L, Johar I, Rongve A, Medbøen IT, Vasconcelos Da Silva M, Aakhus E, Andersen F, Bettella F, Braekhus A, Djurovic S, Paroni G, Proitsi P, Saltvedt I, Seripa D, Stordal E, Fladby T, Aarsland D, Andreassen OA, Ballard C, Selbaek G; AddNeuroMed consortium and the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative.Transl Psychiatry. 2019 Oct 22;9(1):273.

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