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Dr Flavia Gasbarri
Flavia Gasbarri

Dr Flavia Gasbarri

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Lecturer in War Studies Education

Research subject areas

  • International relations
  • History
  • Politics

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Flavia Gasbarri is lecturer in War Studies Education, co-Chair of the Africa Research Group and member of the Centre for Grand Strategy at the Department of War Studies.

She completed her PhD in War Studies at King's College London in 2014, with a project entitled "The United States and the end of the Cold War in Africa, 1988-1994" for which she received a scholarship from the KCL Graduate School and three grants from the Royal Historical Society, the European Association for American Studies and the Scowcroft Institute of International Affairs. She was also awarded a six-month Visiting Fellowship at the Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars in Washington DC.

After the end of her doctoral studies, Flavia Gasbarri worked as Teaching Fellow (2015-2019) in the Department of War Studies, covering a broad range of courses on politics, history and diplomacy. In January-July 2015, she was also appointed Teaching Fellow in the Defence Studies Department at the Joint Services Command and Staff College (JSCSC) in Shrivenham, where she worked as Academic Tutor for the British Armed Forces (both at junior and senior level). In 2018-2019, she was Academic Tutor at The Royal College of Defence Studies (RCDS).


  • Cold War in the Third World
  • Post-Cold War US foreign policy
  • US-Africa relations
  • Southern Africa
  • Horn of Africa
  • African Great Lakes region
  • Rwandan genocide

Flavia Gasbarri's research and main publications focus on the study of the Cold War in the Third World, the development of post-Cold War US foreign policy and US-Africa relations. She has also extensively researched and published on US policy in the Rwandan genocide and in the Great Lakes region.



US Foreign Policy and the End of the Cold War in Africa: A Bridge between Global Conflict and the New World Order, 1988-1994, (Routledge, forthcoming May 2020)

Journal articles

Flavia Gasbarri (2018) "From the Sands of the Ogaden to Black Hawk Down: The End of the Cold War in the Horn of Africa," Cold War History, 18:1, 73-89

Flavia Gasbarri (2018) "Revisiting the Linkage: PDD 25, Genocide in Rwanda and the US Peacekeeping Experience of the 1990s," The International History Review, 40:4, 792-813

Book chapters

“South Africa’s diplomacy of conflict resolution in the post-apartheid era: the case of the DRC” in New Perspectives on Diplomacy, ed. Jack Spence, Claire Yorke, Alastair Masser (Bloomsbury-IB. Tauris, forthcoming in 2020)

“Ronald Reagan and the Cold War endgame in the periphery: the case of Southern Africa” The Reagan Moment: America and the World in the 1980s ed. Jonathan Hunt, Simon Miles (Cornell University Press, forthcoming)


6SSW3023 The 9/11 Era: Anglo-American Foreign Policy since the End of the Cold War (BA3)

7SSWM125 Diplomacy and Foreign Policy (MA)