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Freya Katre

Ms Freya Katre

PhD student in Strategy, International Management & Entrepreneurship

Research interests

  • Strategy, International Management and Entrepreneurship


Research project title: The Wellbeing of Entrepreneurial Teams

Year of entry: 2023, Full-Time

Supervisors: Professor Ute Stephan, Dr Sonia-Cristina Codreanu

Freya Katre is a PhD student in Strategy, International Management & Entrepreneurship at King's Business School.

Freya is passionate about working in the field of wellbeing and mental health and her personal interest lies in the area of performance psychology. Her work aims to help individuals to grow, reach their potential and enhance their overall wellbeing.

Freya is currently pursuing her PhD in the intersection of psychology and business with a key focus on studying the wellbeing of entrepreneurial teams. She is particularly interested in how to create and maintain healthy performance environments wherein individuals may thrive and feel supported. Her research is aimed at studying entrepreneurial teams and their wellbeing as a critical component of venture success.

Prior to embarking on her PhD journey, Freya was a practicing performance and counselling psychologist in India, working with individuals and organizations on a rage of emotional, psychological and performance related concerns. She has worked with Indian national teams and individual athletes at the Asian Championships and Commonwealth Games.

Freya holds a double masters in Applied Sport psychology and Counselling Psychology and graduated with a distinction in both her degrees. Freya's academic background has equipped her with a strong knowledgebase of mental health and the practical application to the performance environment.