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Gaurab Sagar Dawadi

PhD student


Gaurab Dawadi is a PhD student in the Department of Geography. He holds a civil engineering degree with a specialisation in seismic-resistant building construction. He holds a MSc (distinction) in Urban Planning from the Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University, and a MSc (distinction) in Risk and Environmental Hazards from Durham University..

He has thorough experience of disaster risk governance in Nepal, in the sector of disaster response, recovery, reconstruction, and preparedness work.


Thesis title: 'Understanding transboundary impacts of multi-hazard early warning systems and their cultural context'

This research intends to enhance the understanding of transboundary EWS between Nepal and India by exploring issues around disaster risk governance and risk communication in the region. This study will use observation, interviews and focus group discussions at the community level, across the Nepal and India border to assess cultural dynamics that affect transboundary EWS.

Similarly, it will conduct elite interviews with the representatives of local government, local experts and stakeholders to understand transboundary EWS governance challenges. It will also draw on interviews with representatives of the central government in Nepal and India to understand the geopolitical issues around transboundary EWS.

Specifically, this study will explore: How the flood risk is managed in this region; how effectively is the risk information co-produced; how community understand the risk and comprehend the early warning information; what position do the vulnerable communities hold in decision making for the EWS; and finally, what are the policy issues around transboundary EWS between Nepal and India. These are the crucial unanswered questions that are necessary to understand transboundary EWS.

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