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Dr George Firth

Research Associate in Cancer Molecular Imaging

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George began his journey in scientific research during undergraduate and post graduate studies in Biomedical Sciences with Dr Graeme Stasiuk at the University of Hull between 2013 and 2017. During this time, he developed skills in cell culture, fluorescent assays, and organic chemistry through the development of novel multi-modal zinc sensing probes. He joined the CDT in Medical Imaging at KCL in 2017. Under the supervision of Professor Phil Blower, he pioneered the development of a technological platform - PET Metallomics, that allows for the non-invasive study of metal trafficking in vivo. Since joining KCL, and through an honorary research position at the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, he has developed a breadth of knowledge that goes beyond his main interests in metal biology. His aptitude for small animal PET imaging and his collaborative nature has made him a pillar support for the Imaging Chemistry and Biology department and external colleagues. He has helped design and execute countless imaging and therapy studies with over 16 radionuclides from across the periodic table. He has experience with animal models of cancer, diabetes and genetic models of metal dyshomeostasis. George's strong background in imaging places him in a unique position to bridge the gap between cell and whole-body studies to understand the role that metals play in health and disease. He has career aspirations to lead translational research at the interface of metal biology, imaging and genetics. This will permit the mapping of metal nutrients in humans, determining how they are disturbed in disease, facilitating the discovery of novel ways to restore control and improve human health.