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George Pounis

Dr George Pounis

Research Associate


Born in Athens, Greece, Dr. George Pounis is a nutritionist with a strong background in biostatistics (MSc) and epidemiology (PhD, Maastricht University). His expertise has been reflected in significant contributions to various aspects of nutrition and health research. Dr. Pounis has been working with large datasets of nutrition and health data in both Italian and Greek populations. His previous research interests included nutrition and cardiovascular health and mortality, antioxidants and polyphenols, and low-grade inflammation.

The Mediterranean diet has been a focal point, investigating its impact on lung function, weight management, and specific health conditions. He is the author of 35 original publications published in peer-reviewed international journals and holds an h-index of 26 (Scopus metrics). Dr. Pounis also is the Editor of the book "Analysis in Nutrition Research," published by Elsevier, Boston, US and has been teaching in academia methodology of nutrition research and data analysis. Joining the nutrition team at King's College London under the supervision of Dr. Sarah Berry, Dr. Pounis brings his extensive expertise to bear on the investigation of the complex interplay between diet, lifestyle, menopause symptoms, and health. His role involves utilizing large-scale datasets, derived from the ZOE research platforms, to propose and address research questions. Additionally, he will design and lead the implementation of a remote app-based diet-lifestyle-symptom trial based on results from observational analysis.

Actively participating in working groups at both KCL and ZOE, Dr. Pounis will contribute to the development of analysis strategies and the dissemination of research through high-impact publications and public engagement activities. His upcoming work at King's College London promises to make significant contributions in advancing menopause health through healthy nutrition and lifestyle practices.