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An image of Gerald Feaver (Dentistry, 1976)
Gerald Feaver (Dentistry, 1976)

Gerald Feaver


Gerald Feaver (Dentistry, 1976) worked at Guy’s hospital for five years as both an in-patient dental officer and teacher. After moving on from Guy’s, Gerald worked for a number of NHS practices before joining Marks & Spencer to run a dental service for staff. After nearly twenty years at Marks & Spencer (during which time he instigated an oral cancer screening programme for staff), he set up his own private practice on Harley Street which he ran until his retirement in 2018. He also served as the president of the Odontology section of the Royal Society of Medicine from 2003-2004. Gerald has just published a memoir named A Little Book of Impressions in which he discusses both his time as a dentist and his years as a student at Guy’s hospital in the 1970s.


What are your happiest memories of your time as a student?

I loved all my time at Guy's and in particular the clinical years. I appreciated the level of teaching and valued the lasting friendships made during my time as a student.


How have you stayed connected to King’s since graduating, and why is being part of your alumni network important to you?

Through Guy's reunions and importantly using the network as a referral pathway for the benefit of patients.


How has the ability to understand and interact effectively with people from other cultures and/or backgrounds been important in your life or career?

Very important especially in my communication with patients. I was privileged to have treated such a diverse range of patients over the years.


What advice would you give to students and alumni for success in life after King’s?

Learn what you are good at, be aware of your limitations, treat patients with care and compassion and earn their trust. Always strive to succeed and listen to the advice of others.


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