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Stuart Griffin

Dr Stuart Griffin

Reader in Strategic Studies

Research interests

  • Conflict
  • International relations
  • Policy
  • Security


Dr Stuart Griffin joined King’s College London in 1999. He was promoted Reader in Strategic Studies in 2015 having previously served as Head of the Defence Studies Department and Dean of Academic Studies at the Joint Services Command and Staff College, Defence Academy of the UK from 2012-2014.

His primary research areas are the evolution of joint and combined warfare, operational art and military innovation theory. He has also written extensively on the theory and practice of international peacekeeping and stabilisation and been heavily involved in UK defence diplomacy and outreach, especially with regard to efforts to support UN peacekeeping training.

Dr Griffin’s most recent article, ‘Military Innovation Studies: multidisciplinary or lacking discipline?’ was published in the Journal of Strategic Studies (2016). He is currently writing an article on ‘The Future of Operational Art and the Operational Level of War’ which should be out in 2018. Upon completion of this article, Dr Griffin will return to the theme of military innovation for a series of publications and collaborative research projects throughout 2018 and 2019.


Select publications include ‘Military Innovation Studies: multidisciplinary or lacking discipline?’ (2016),  Iraq, Afghanistan and the future of British military doctrine: from counterinsurgency to Stabilisation (2011),  Transformation in contact: learning the lessons of modern warfare, co-authored with Robert Foley and Helen McCartney  (2011), Joint Operations: A Short History, (2005); Understanding Peacekeeping, co-authored with AJ Bellamy and Paul Williams (2004 and 2010); The British Approach to Stabilisation Operations in Iraq (2006); The British Military  in Iraq, 2003-2005, co-authored with David Whetham in The British Approach to Low-Intensity Operations (2007).

Doctoral Supervision

Dr Griffin is happy to supervise PhDs within his broad research interests.

Research Interests

  • Military Innovation
  • Militaries as Learning Institutions
  • Joint Warfare
  • Operational Art and the Operational Level of War
  • Peace Support and Stablisation Operations


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