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Hamed Tabatabaei Ghomi

Dr Hamed Tabatabaei Ghomi

Sowerby Lecturer in Philosophy

Research interests

  • Philosophy


Hamed Tabatabaei Ghomi is the Sowerby Lecturer (Assistant Professor) of Philosophy at King's College London.

He finished his PhD at Cambridge working with Prof. Jacob Stegenga. He specialises in general philosophy of science, philosophy of complexity, and philosophy of medicine. Before entering the PhD programme at Cambridge, he completed his MA in Philosophy at Purdue University, with a dissertation on metaphysics.

Hamed Tabatabaei Ghomi also has advanced training and experience in science. He has a professional Doctorate degree in pharmacy, an MSc in mathematics, and a PhD in computational drug design, and has worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California San Diego, Department of Biochemistry. He has also worked as a bioinformatics scientist/manager at Illumina for more than six years and served as the Head of Research at Optibrium.

Research interests and PhD Supervision

  • Philosophy of science
  • Philosophy of complexity
  • Philosophy of medicine

Selected publications

  • “Setting the demons loose: Computational irreducibility does not guarantee unpredictability or emergence.” Philosophy of Science 89.4 (2022): 761-783.
  • “Irrational methods suggest indecomposability and emergence.” European Journal for Philosophy of Science 13.1 (2023): 1.
  • “A philosophical analysis of the emergence of language.” Theoria, 2023; with Antonio Benítez-Burraco.
  • “Conventional Choices in Outcome Measures Influence Meta-Analytic Results”, with Jacob Stegenga, Philosophy of Science 89.5 (2022): 949-959.
  • “Simulation of trial data to test speculative hypotheses about research methods”, with Jacob Stegenga, in Experimental Philosophy of Medicine, editors: Andreas De Block and Kristien Hens; Bloomsbury.