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Helen Eames

Helen Eames

EAP Tutor


Helen completed her bachelor’s degree in Humanities, specialising in political philosophy, from the University of Greenwich. Her initial teacher training was undertaken in Dublin, Ireland in 2001, followed by her Delta in London in 2009. She was lucky enough to become a student at King’s in order to complete her MA in English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics in 2016.

Helen joined the King’s Foundations team in June 2022, bringing with her over 20 years of teaching experience. Her teaching career started with three years in South Korea, and she has been teaching in London since 2005. She moved into Higher Education in 2016 after a stint as a Director of Studies in a couple of central London language schools.

When not teaching (or planning or marking), Helen is interested in learning more about the world. This involves travelling and taking language classes - most recently in Arabic.

She also enjoys sewing and jewellery making.