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I hold a BSc in Global and EU Studies from Roskilde University, Denmark and an MA in War Studies from King’s College London. My research interests are centered around the organization of violence and the privatization of security, and I am currently interested in investigating the understanding of mercenaries as illegitimate fighters and participants of war.

I am also a graduate teaching assistant in the Department of War Studies where I teach on the modules “History of the International System”, “Art of War Studies”, and “Contemporary Security Issues”.

Doctoral Research

Who gets to fight? The implications of the de-legitimisation of mercenaries, and the search for the ideal polity

This research project is focused on the moral objections made towards mercenaries and private actors of war. More specifically, I am interested in the perceived illegitimacy of these actors and how it has been articulated discursively.

So far my research has shown that when mercenaries are discussed, a specific set of discursive practices follow these actors – a specific set of moral objections that can conceptually be divided into two categories: deontological (focused on “being” mercenaries and their inner values, intentions, and motivations) and consequentialist (focused on the perceived consequences of hiring mercenaries).

These discursive practices have remarkably stayed the same across several different historical and cultural contexts.

Research Interests



Morality and war

The organization of violence

Violence and the State

Private security



Dr Jan Honig