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Hossein Hamdieh

Hossein Hamdieh

PhD student


Hossein Hamdieh is a PhD student in the Department of Geography. He is an Iranian citizen with a master's in Architecture from Tehran University and a master's in Urban Design from Frankfurt. His field of interest is the urban poor of the global south and disenfranchised citizens, specifically in the Middle East.


Thesis title: 'The informal labour market, communities, place and the working‐class struggles in the aftermath of collapsing industries'

Hossein's research focuses on the informal market shaped after the immobilisation of two major companies in Tehran. His thesis seeks to understand the social web that holds this inform market and how the community of urban poor dedicates to it.

Moreover, as the dwellers are engaged with everyday struggle, the research tries to address the illegality and transgression in the eyes of urban poor in the face of direct confrontation with the state, which is allegedly tightly entangled with a doctrine of Shia Islam.

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