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Huda Alwahaiby

PhD Student


Huda holds a Bachelor’s Degree with Honor in General Law from King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She obtained a Master’s degree with Distinction from the University of Reading in International Commercial Law. Her Master's dissertation focused on data brokerage legislation challenges. She has extensive experience in academic work and experience working in a law firm and a telecommunications company. 

PhD Thesis

Global Implications of the Extraterritorial Scope of the EU AI Act and GDPR

This study proposes to address legal conflicts resulting from the territorial scopes of the AI law and GDPR, which began when the GDPR based its scope on the destination approach over the territoriality principle due to the borderless nature of the internet. This extraterritorial approach found its roots in customary international law under permissive principles of jurisdiction that allow states to exercise their jurisdiction outside of their borders as long there is a substantial connection to the state. However, these principles are ill-equipped for the internet era and make room for the risk of jurisdictional tension with non-EU countries which in turn affects foreign companies severely. I will explore the consequences of this issue on companies in Saudi Arabia and seek to prove that principles are unfit for the data protection legal sphere. I will also explore the potential conflicts between the AI Act and GDPR in one hand and Saudi data protection law in the other hand.


Perry Keller

Research Interests

  • AI
  • Data Protection Law