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Ina Zharkevich

Dr Ina Zharkevich

Senior Lecturer in Social Anthropology and Development


Ina is a social anthropologist who has been working on issues around the Maoist civil war, migration, and social change in Nepal. Before joining King's College London, she was a Departmental Lecturer at the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography, University of Oxford.


  • Social Anthropology
  • Anthropology of War and Violence
  • Anthropology of Migration
  • Economic Anthropology

Over the past decade, Ina has been conducting ethnographic fieldwork in the mid-Western hills of the Nepali Himalayas - the heartland of the Maoist insurgency during the civil war of 1996-2006, home to a vibrant but rapidly changing shamanic tradition, and, more recently, a hotbed of (ir)regular international migration to the USA and beyond. Her main research interests lie at the intersection of the anthropology of violence and social suffering, practice theory, and the anthropology of migration, with a focus on transnational family networks, debt-driven migration, and economies of waiting and hope under late capitalism. She has started developing an interest in the anthropology of religion and the invisible world through her work on 'reluctant shamans' and Christian conversion among one of the indigenous groups in Nepal. Ina is the author of Maoist People's War and the Revolution of Everyday Life in Nepal (CUP 2019).



  • 5YYD0014 Social Justice: Ethnographic Insights


  • 7YYDN028 Advanced Qualitative Methods

PhD Supervision

Ina is happy to supervise students who have similar research interests and who are interested in conducting anthropological research and use ethnographic research methods.