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Ioanna Patsalidou

Ioanna Patsalidou

PhD Student


Ioanna is a PhD student in law at King's College London. She also serves as a Senior Editor of the King's Student Law Review.

Ioanna holds an LLM with a business specialisation from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), an LPC/MSc from the University of Law, Bloomsbury and an LLB from the University of Warwick. She is a qualified lawyer in Cyprus, registered with the Cyprus Bar Association.

Prior to starting her PhD, Ioanna was an associate in the corporate department of a Cyprus-based law firm.

PhD Thesis

DAOs: An alternative to traditional companies? A regulatory analysis focusing on the UK through a comparative and empirical study.

Ioanna's research aims at drawing conclusions and offering suggestions as to the potential regulatory framework that the UK should adopt to facilitate and support DAOs' application in the corporate world. More specifically, her research will delve into a comparative study between DAOs' and corporate governance, aiming at drawing conclusions as to the true governance benefits and implications of DAOs. In addition, her research aims at evaluating the legislature attempts of the EU, Switzerland, USA and a few other relevant jurisdictions in recognising DAOs.


Dr Anat Keller

Professor Michael Schillig