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Dr Isabelle Miletich

Dr Isabelle Miletich

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Lecturer in Stem Cell Biology

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Dr Isabelle Miletich developed a strong interest in Biology while studying Dentistry. Following the obtention of a BDS and a BSC in Microbiology from the University of Bordeaux (France), she embarked on a scientific path and gained an MSc and a PhD in Developmental Biology from the University of Paris XI (France). Subsequently, she took on a postdoctoral position in Prof Paul Sharpe’s lab at KCL to research the role of transcription factors in tooth development, a research topic that combined both her dental and developmental biology expertise. She obtained a RCUK fellowship in 2005 and was appointed as a lecturer in Stem Cell Biology in 2010. Her research has focused on three key areas, transcription factors in tooth development, signalling in salivary gland development and pathways involved in cranial gland regeneration. Her research currently focuses on the regeneration of exocrine glands including merocrine (salivary and lacrimal) and holocrine (meibomian) glands. One of the topics being addressed by her team is the role of Wnt signalling in the control of gland progenitor cells during embryogenesis and adulthood in health and tumorigenesis, using gland injury/repair mouse models and transgenic mice that enable to lineage trace, deplete and genetically manipulate specific cell populations. Her team also uses transgenic mouse models combined with gland-derived organoid culture systems to understand and improve stem/progenitor cell expansion in vitro for regeneration of gland dysfunctions.