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Iulia Sacalas

Iulia Sacalas

MA Intelligence and International Security

  • Independent Intelligence Analyst


Studying for my MA in the War Studies Department at King’s College London, proved to be both challenging and rewarding, with professors and the university providing tailored teaching for every student.

My degree at King’s allowed me to gain job offers before I’d even finished my degree. When I asked my former manager why he was inclined to recruit me, he said that that individuals who studied in the Department had high-quality training and were able to think critically and analytically.

As a representative in the War Studies Marketing Department, I was able to better understand services available to current and prospective students, as well as how and why students get involved in university life. I was also invited to attend some external events, which allowed me to gain skills in networking and presenting.

Living in London - one of the major cities in the world, means you’re able to attend some great events and have a wide range of opportunities right on your doorstep. I was also able to meet lots of different people, giving me the opportunity to explore different ethical and theoretical perspectives.