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Ivana has a BSc (Politics and International Relations) and a Master (Representation and Public Opinion) from the University Carlo Bo of Urbino and a MSc (Middle East Politics) from the School of Oriental and African Studies.

She is a Researcher, Lecturer and Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Department of Geography at KCL. Her research, teaching and writing are rooted within critical race, settler colonial and indigenous studies and cross the fields of geography, urban studies, politics, and anthropology.

Ivana is particularly interested in examining the violence of infrastructure in relation to colonialism, capitalism, race, and mobility while at the same time exploring everyday geographies of social infrastructure and lived experiences fostering collective forms of service provision and communal arrangements of property.

She also works with a team of researchers on an exploratory and collaborative arts-based research project called "Imaging Social Justice" as part of the Visual Embodied Methodologies Network which partners with the Arts Cabinet in experimenting with different forms of artistic knowledge production. Ivana's contribution is characterised by a multi-sensory approach and combines academic investigation with participatory photography and filmmaking.

Ivana has produced movies, designed exhibitions, and delivered workshops to community groups and universities in co-productive participatory research projects. 


Thesis title: Infrastructures of Empire: Settler Colonialism, Indigenous Sovereignty and the Planning of the Commons

In her LAHP-funded doctoral research, Ivana combines archival research with ethnography and participatory methods to investigate the entanglement between the coloniality of infrastructure and the materiality of Zionist logics.

In particular, she investigates the role of roadscapes in cementing the spatial politics of Judaization in Palestine/Israel and the ways in which struggles over infrastructural development plans have enhanced forms of indigenous sovereignty beyond the colonial recognition of rights to the land. Alongside the Arab Centre for Alternative Planning and the Popular Committee of Wadi Ara, she has developed a counter-cartographical repository that seeks to predict, and prevent, the effects of planning policy and infrastructural violence on local Palestinian communities in the 1948-territories.

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