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Jack Wright

Jack Wright

Senior Student Experience Officer (Progression)


Jack studied English at Royal Holloway for his undergraduate degree. He then completed a part-time Masters in Creative Writing at Royal Holloway, graduating in 2022.

After completing graduating in 2019, Jack worked for two years at Royal Holloway in the role of Student Engagement Officer. His responsibilities included overseeing the Peer Guidance scheme, running a large-scale student voice mechanism called the Royal Holloway 100 Panel, and preparing content which led to the launch of the Welcome to Royal Holloway student app. Jack moved to work at the School of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS) in 2021, first in the role of Student Experience Officer (Success) and then in the role of Student Engagement Officer (Retention). He oversaw the development of the Collaborative Student Learning scheme, a PASS-based learning scheme; the SOAS Peer Mentoring scheme, which included implementing mentoring for Foundation Year and Postgraduate Research students; a new peer-to-peer telephoning campaign; and helped to contribute to the launch of the SOAS app. Jack joined King’s Foundations in June 2023 in the role of Senior Student Experience Officer (Progression).

Jack enjoys running, swimming and anything active, particularly beating his flatmate at badminton. He loves listening to new music, watching films, making great tasting coffee in complicated ways, and reading in the sun. He writes regularly and, following his Masters in Creative Writing, has had a small number of poems accepted for publication by websites and journals.